The Move

It will be a year ago next week; the big move of my mid-life changes.  I left the lakes, colorful autumns and snow activities to move to the prairie, all because of my life long passion.  Horses!  Big, little, spotted, plain, brown, black or white they tug at my heart strings in ways that cannot be explained in mere words.  I am a blessed soul indeed; to be surrounded by the sweet aroma of hay, leather and horses each and every day.

I am an Equestrian whose hard-work, sweat, pain, dedication and love of horses has allowed me the opportunities to not only train these powerful steeds but also instruct others in the art and sport of horsemanship.  So at the age of 55 I left the “normal” day job and returned to where my heart is the most happy.

It is these experiences of the past year and also those going forward that I wish to share with you.  The hard work, often humorous and sometimes heartache that make up life on a horse farm.  I hope you will enjoy reading and envisioning along with me as I share my adventures.

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4 thoughts on “The Move

  1. Love your opening Joan! It speaks your heart well! Look forward to reading more future blogs and with a huge thanks to you and my horse loving daughter next week I start training to volunteer at a therapeauric stable. My heart is happy too

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  2. Joanie,
    You are such an eloquent writer you make it feel like you’re right there with you. I love reading your letters and messages. I love you and can’t wait to come and see you. Keep up the great work and look forward to further posts on your blog.

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