My first spring in the prairie

It was April 2016, the latest escapades included several days of preparing the barn of horses for the show we were holding the last weekend of the month.  This  entailed clipping of whiskers, “feathers” on horses legs, etc. as well as lots of baths!!  Not all had been shed out from their winter coats so suffice it to say I left the barn covered in sweat, dirt and hair.  Heaven help me if I had to run an errand on my way home!
We had started training the 3 year olds about all they will need to learn before getting broke.  Overall they had been smart and brave.  A few made it all interesting…it takes patience, firmness and resolve to get young horses started correctly so they trust and want to learn.  My boss is wonderful at it.  I enjoy my role in assisting her.
One day my boss went to get the extra bags of  shavings we’d need for the horse show stalls.  I was helping her unload.  There was probably 30 mph winds and suddenly the door from the trailer came flying closed at me – I jumped to the side but it still caught my arm.  So I had a very sore and colorful upper left arm that night.  I have to sort of laugh – in 3 months my body had really changed –  now having two big knuckles on one hand, more grey hair and a colorful upper arm.  🙂  The good body changes are I’ve dropped a jean size….and am definitely much stronger – who needs a gym when you are lifting jumps, hay bales, water buckets and are on your feet most of the day?
The next day I was leading a mare (mom) and foal (baby) back into their stall from their  turnout pen.  The foal, Lauren, had been good about following her momma, but now that she was a month old she was getting quite independent and when I lead mom to the right Lauren went straight and got all the other horses excited as she roamed down the barn aisle. Then she entered  an empty stall.  Cha Cha called  to her but the naughty foal was having too much  fun exploring…. eventually I was able to get mom and baby reunited and in the correct place.  🙂    Let’s just say I had a mild anxiety attack until reuniting them without either getting injured.  The funny part was once reunited with momma, the filly wanted to nurse.  Mom had none of it! She was not happy, her baby had worried her and ignored her so when Lauren went to nurse Cha Cha bumped her away with her back leg – over and over. Lauren looked baffled.  After a brief time all seemed to be forgiven, but Momma’s point had been made!  Major lesson; don’t make a mom worry!!
It had been 3 months since my move from office cubicle and snow to prairie winds, mud and wide open spaces….the continuation of adventures await!  I’m excited to share them, from my first year and present.