The Kingdom

I work in a kingdom of sorts.   We have a king who fiercely defends his title, his wives and maid-servants and we have princes and a princess or two.

The king has had an adventurous life; visiting and conquering many distant lands.  Much of the time he returned home the victor; on those occasions where he was defeated he still returned with his head held high and confidence in tack.  There was always another day and he would gladly face the next challenge with the same tenaciousness he always demonstrated.

The king is gray, virtually white now; gray hair is the crown of glory and he wears it well. His sporting career was cut short due to injury but that has not dampened his spirit to rule his kingdom. He has adjusted well to being retired and creating heirs.  Still his presence commands awe and if he isn’t satisfied by your respect for him he can be loud as thunder and fierce as a hurricane.

The king’s self-assured ego and competitive spirit has been passed along to his offspring, particularly his daughters.  When the spotlight is on them they give it their all; one just hopes, with the younger ones, that “their all” is focused on the task at hand and not showing off how athletic they are in other ways.

The king’s wives and maid servants are from many different lands.  They all permeate beauty and each one adds her own stamp on their off-spring.  He is fond of the ladies but only a few actually reigned as his queen.  We recently said good-bye to one such queen.  She was petite in stature but not to be mistaken for meek.  Through her a great line of heirs were produced, many becoming leaders in their own right as they too demand respect by their performances.  There is a sadness surrounding the kingdom as we grieve the loss of our queen; even the weather joins in our time of sorrow with rain continually coming down.

As always however, with an ending there is a beginning because the king has a new grand-daughter; born the very week we lost our queen.  This little princess lifts our heavy hearts. There is something about new life that transforms our hopes and dreams, making us feel we can continue on and we will.

I mentioned we also have princes and princesses; the first prince is in line to succeed his father.  He is strikingly handsome and is as dark as his father is white.  He glistens in the sunlight with a stallion sheen, his movement is rhythmic and majestic and his heart is kind.  As a young prince becoming the next king he is still learning but is coming into his own.  He is a more gentle ruler than his father but still demands plenty of respect from his subjects.  His playful spirit is comical and seems to demonstrate he might  not take life as seriously as his father, the king, does.  He has time yet to grow into his future role and I have no doubt he will be ready when the time comes.

Then we have the prince by way of working hard and proving himself to be worthy of great pride and respect.  He is still in the thick of competitive showing at age 20 due to careful maintenance, love and pure heart! In fact right now at his age he looks better than ever! This is one guy who can never completely retire as he lives for the game.  He doesn’t care which arena he’s in, his heart is over the jump before he is.  Still coming into the show ring sassy and ready to go; he loves it.

The princesses vary from those in direct line to the king and those whose personalities dictate the fawning and admiration of their people.  As stated earlier the daughters of the king seem to have a fire in their soul that makes them stand out among their peers.  They demand a partnership with their subjects or they are quick to do things their own way.   When these ladies step into the spotlight they are transformed into ballerinas performing with strength and grace; so intoxicating to watch.

Along with the royals are the subjects who faithfully serve performing the more mundane yet essential tasks of the kingdom.   They all have their place and are respected and appreciated for the roles they serve.

If you are ever coming to or through Omaha be sure to stop and visit our special kingdom; meet the king and see the future as you watch the babies play and grow.  I promise you this, your heart will be smiling.